SR Water Column
White metal & resin kit of a SR (LSWR) water column.Overall height: 60mmBase: 32mm Square.
Wooden Crates (11x9x8mm)
10 individual metal cast wooden crates each 11x9x8mm. Scale: OO-Gauge
Wooden Crates (18x7x6mm)
10 individual metal cast wooden crates each 18x7x6mm. Scale: OO-Gauge
Brick built industrial chimney
Tapering, round brick built industrial chimney.  260mm tall, 25mm diameter at base
2ton Yard Crane
White metal kit. Includes chain and wire stays.
Medium Wooden Barrels (metal x10)
10 individual metal cast wooden barrels each 11mm tall & 9mm max dia.
Clusters of Large Wooden Barrels
6 assorted clusters of large wooden barrels.
Oil Drums (metal x10)
10 white metal cast oil drums.
Bales of Wool (resin x10)
10 individual resin cast bales of wool each 21 x12 x12mm.
Bumper Barrel Pack
10 individual large wooden barrels, 6 clusters, 1 horizontal stack & 1 vertical stack.
Stacks of Wooden Crates (resin x7)
7 stacks of assorted wooden crates cast in resin. Scale: OO-Gauge
Wide fully windowed wall panel for brick-built warehouse/goodshed
4/044 3-storey module for brick-built warehouse/goodshed.  Wide, fully-windowed wall panel, dimensions: 47 x 202mm.  Can be used with 4/043, 4/045, 4/046, 4/047 to create an interesting facade.  Prices quoted are for unpainted items.
GWR Ground mounted water crane
White metal & resin kit of a ground mounted GWR water crane with fire devil.Overall height: 83mm. Swing radius: 58mm. Base: 62x20mm. Includes wire & chain plus optional arms, drains & valves.
Short brick buttress with tall parapet
Short brick buttress 27mm wide & 91mm tall with separate parapet 29mm tall.
Bridging Beam & parapet
Bridging beam 159mm long & 15mm tall. Parapet 159mm long & 23mm tall.
Sleeper Built Platform Section with steps - Resin
Sleeper built platform or loading dock section - 74mm long, 35mm wide & 19mm tall (excluding the steps). Scale: OO-Gauge Individually hand-painted option available - Colour may appear different to image shown. Please select from the dropdown menu.
from £6.00
6 Assorted Piles of Railway Sleepers - Resin
Resin cast piles of railway sleepers Scale: OO-Gauge  Product comes painted or unpainted - please select from dropdown menu.
from £4.00
Midland Water Column
Midland water column cast in white metal with a resin grating. 73mm tall overall.
Bridge Facade Set
This bridge facade set is just one example of the use of 4/056 & 4/057 with brick buttresses and retaining wall pieces. Set comprises 2x4/011, 2x4/011B & 1x4/010 (cut in half) with 4/056 & 4/057. Individual parts total would be £25.00...
Coal Staithes (2-bay)
One piece resin casting.89mm long. 39mm deep. 30mm tall.
Square brick base for brick chimney
Square brick base for brick chimney.  34mm square, 65mm tall
Canal Boat Kit
Resin & white metal model of a steam canal boat. Based upon a "Fellows, Morton & Clayton" design. Hull & cabin are separate resin components, all other fittings are white metal. Being in separate pieces makes the model suitable for...
Sleeper Built Coaling Stage
Sleeper built coaling stage kit. Cast in resin. 74mm long & 35mm wide.
Pair of Brick Bridge Support Columns
Each column is 136mm tall, 13mm wide & 15mm deep.These columns are supplied deliberately taller than the available buttresses so that they can be cut down to the required length giving maximum versatility.
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