C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone
The M25 series provides the basis for the ultimate fighting machines available to the armed forces of the Concord Combined Command or C3. These are extremely heavily armed and armoured drones used to spearhead major offensives or assault massive defences....
Concord X-Howitzer
The X-howitzer is a very large magnetic launcher built for lobbing shells over great distances. It is a common battlefield heavy artillery support weapon used by practically all forces. It is often built onto the back of heavy combat drone...
C3 Plasma Bombard
The plasma bombard is the largest and most powerful mobile plasma weapon and uses multiple-coils to generate an extraordinary potent pulse of energy. It is used by heavy support units in most Antarean forces and often carried by heavy combat...
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Concord Dice Bag & Dice
All of our Beyond The Gates Of Antares dice bags come complete with a set of 12 dice of your choice - make sure you choose the colour you want before adding it to your shopping cart.
C3M4 Combat Drone
The M4 series Combat Drone is the standard template designed fighting drone in the Concord Combined Command. It has neither crew nor any capacity to carry them, forming a distinct machine shard together with its buddy drones. Powerful kinetic shields...
C3T7 Transporter Drone
The T7 series Transporter Drone is a variant of the M4 series Combat Drone and shares most of its characteristics along with its general appearance. It is armed with a plasma light support which also enables it to operate as...
C3 Krasz Assault Squad
The Krasz are one of the larger panhuman morphs to be found throughout the Antarean Nexus. Their origins go back to the distant Second Age when their ancestors are presumed to have evolved upon one of the many new worlds...
C3 Interceptor Squad
Interceptors form part of the Concord’s Strike Forces, the most advanced and most lavishly equipped fighting formations in all of Antarean space. Interceptor Squads ride high-speed Interceptor bikes that enable them to rapidly deploy in situations where convention transporters would...
C3 Interceptor Command
The ST500 Interceptor bike is a fully sentient drone vehicle that forms a combined combat shard together with its rider and the other members of its squad. Interceptors excel at hit and run tactics and can strike and move away...
C3M50 heavy support drone turret
The M50 heavy support series is a variant of the M25, which it closely resembles differing chiefly in its specialist weapon fit. It is designed to carry a heavy X-Howitzer or Mag Mortar together with a quantity of ammunition. Its...
Concord Strike Squad & Support Drones
Strike Squads form the core of the Concord Combined Command’s armed forces wherever they are deployed. Strike Troopers are amongst the best-equipped fighters in all of Antarean space. They carry multi-function plasma carbines capable of punching a hole through most...
Concord C3 Drop Squad
Drop troops are the most heavily armoured and armed of the Concord Combined Command’s Strike forces. Their role is to spearhead assaults onto enemy held planets, and capture and hold objectives without the support of conventional heavy equipment. For this...
Concord Support Team X-launcher
An X-launcher is a portable magnetic launcher that hurls explosive missiles, bombs or special munitions packages, such as Arc, Blur, Scramble, and Scoot. They are bulky weapons, and their regular explosive ammunition resists full compression due to the charge. They...
Concord Strike Command Team
The military arm of the Concord is organised and directed by a branch called the C3 (or Concord Combined Command) and they responds to threats with logical ruthlessness - dispatching heavily armed forces throughout Antarean space. Headed by Strike Commanders, C3...
Concord Dice Pack
Pack contains 12 Warlord Games order dice.
C3 Drop Command Squad
Using a transmat beam for the first phase of the drop, to then free fall. Their anti gravity chutes enable them to refine and direct their decent away from the restriction of the suspensor envelop aloowing for more surgical strikes,...
C3 Support Team with Plasma Cannon
The culmination of technology has created the ultimate support weapon. In it's own category of light support weapons the plasma cannon is considered the best all rounder, being so good it can contend with heavier weapons on the field making...
Concord Intelligence NuHu Mandarin Jai Galeyous
Jai Galeyous is cautious, but extraordinarily intelligent, even for a NuHu. Having studied the Chryseis Locus and the Shamasai Shard, she is aware of just how vulnerable she is in a frontline role against nanospheres that can easily destroy her...
Concord C3D2 Medium Support Drone with Plasma Cannon
In the Antarean universe ‘drone’ is a cover-all term for self- aware machines that are capable of intelligent decision-making. Drones have a sense of identity and personality, although some have only rudimentary or narrowly focussed characters depending on their role....
Concord C3D2 Medium Support Drone with Fractal Cannon
The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all round protection and carries a highly effective kinetic shield. D2s are used both...
Concord C3D2 Medium Support Drone with Compression Cannon
The compression cannon is a relatively exotic light support weapon mostly used in specialist roles by Concord forces where it is likely to be drone or vehicle mounted. Compression weapons use compression field technology to quantum reduce everything within a...
Concord C3D2 medium support drone with plasma light support
The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all-round protection and carries a highly effective kinetic shield. D2s are used both to...
C3 NuHu Drone Swarm
These new packs are designed to supplement your NuHu Mandarin or Senatexis, providing all the miniatures you’d need to outfit them with a full complement of buddy drones! In each pack, you’ll get a medi-drone, two spotter drones, a gun...
C3 Sprue
C3 Sprue
The price is for a single plastic sprue Supplied unpainted
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