4/040 Kit of parts for 4-storey 1950s/60s block of flats

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4/040 1950s/60s style brick-built 4-storey block of flats.  This is a kit of parts to produce a 4-storey block complete with lift shaft.  Kit comprises:  4 x 4/033, 4 x 4/034, 4 x 4/035, 1 x 4/036, 4 x 4/037 and 1 x 4/038.  Dimensions of finished item:  width 267mm, depth 109mm or 142mm including lift shaft, height 186mm or 213mm to top of winding house.  The price of £85 represents a saving of £21.00 if all the component parts were bought separately.  Price quoted is for unassembled, unpainted item.

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